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With over 80% of all websites found from the first page of search engine results, making websites easy to find is a vital component of ensuring return on your website investment. When performed effectively, search engine and directory marketing is one of the most cost effective ways to attract targeted visitors to a website.

Our SEO Packages

Keysquare 10
(10 keywords)
R 3,668.50 per month
Castling 20
(20 keywords)
R 6,198.50 per month
Check Mate 40
(40 keywords)
R 9,487.50 per month
Check Mate Plus 80
(80 keywords)
R 15,812.50 per month
Check Mate Super 120
(120 keywords)
R 19,607.50 per month
Checkmate Super 200
(200 keywords)
R 28,462.50 per month
All prices include VAT.
Subject to US$ exhange rate (11 pegged to end of 2018).
Excl. once-off setup fees.

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Why Partner With Tradepage?

Combining state of the art SEO tools and over 15 years experience in SEO, Tradepage helps businesses reach the top of search rankings and attract more traffic to your website. We constantly evolve and improve the service we deliver to our clients and keep up to date with the latest thinking in online marketing. We have partnered with a specialist in the market, Wildnet Technologies.

Wildnet is based in a technology hub in India and is a 500-strong team of Internet marketing specialists. This partnership ensures our clients have access to the technical expertise needed to stay competitive with constantly-shifting search engine algorithms and ways to promote companies online. Tradepage continues to provide local South African knowlede and expertise.

Generally, SEO is misunderstood. SEO is not just a tool set of optimisation tricks to apply to a webpage. Deeper understanding of how online searches work form the backbone of a successful SEO strategy. This really is the key difference between great search engine optimisation providers and a million other SEO companies: having a solid philosophy of online marketing and then executing it effectively through SEO. Staying ahead of the game in terms of knowledge and consistently delivering what is required by their clients has brought Tradepage its lasting reputation in this field. And with every new client, we continue to enable them to improve their revenue cycle and achieve excellence.

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