Tradepage assists clients with IT Risk Assurance that includes:


IT Governance & Management

We identify the IT risks and design appropriate IT governance and management processes to better manage the risks. IT strategy is reviewed to ensure it aligns with the organisation’s strategies and objectives.


Infrastructure Security

Review current protection and make recommendations on hardware and software for

  • Networks
  • End Points
  • Virtual Cloud
  • Mobile
  • Internet of Things


Protection of Information Assets, Business Continuity & Resilience

Evaluate the completeness of the information security and privacy policies, standards and procedures. Review breach readiness & recovery policies.

We assist with reducing the attack surface that includes defining and implementing cyber defence capabilities and processes.

Cyber resilience assessments include advanced threat protection monitoring.

Disaster recovery and business continuity testing options such as walkthrough, simulation, checklist, full interruption and parallel testing.

Security awareness involves training all members of an organisation about the protection of various information assets.


Cyber Incident Monitoring and Incident Response

When a cyber-attack is detected by the monitoring systems or reported by the client, a High Priority Cyber Attack is logged and the following procedures carried out:

IT – Isolate the network to contain the breach (Depends on nature of attack) and determine root cause of the event.

Legal – Advises the client on legal obligations to report data loss and other requirements that include PAIA, ECT etc.

Operations – Review alternative paths to restore data, if applicable, and continue with operations.

Public Relations – Send out appropriate statement on all social media sites.

IT Risk – Review existing policies and system to minimize the risk of recurrence.

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