Google Apps for Work

Find out why businesses are turning to Tradepage as an authorised Google Apps for Work Reseller to help them get the most out of the Cloud.

Tired of paying expensive license fees, hardware and ongoing maintenance costs for your mail server? Then you’re ready to Go Google.

As a leader in cloud consulting, Tradepage simplifies the process of going Google. Through our extensive experience with Google technologies, we provide migration support from legacy mail systems to Google Apps for Work for organisations of any size resulting in:

  • lower costs
  • increased productivity
  • streamlined IT processes

Only US$ 50* per user per year for Google Apps for Work.

*dependant on current exchange rate and exclude VAT.



Cloud Migration

Our cloud specialists analyse your business environment, create a cloud migration plan that best suits your stakeholders and implement it so that business disruption is minimised. Change management, training and post migration support are crucial facets of our migration methodology.

Google Apps for Work

By allowing Google Apps to take care of your mail and content-sharing functions, more time and energy can be focused on your business. By teaming with Tradepage, migration to Google Apps is streamlined, allowing you to benefit from costs savings and increased productivity immediately.

Quarterly Cloud Workshops

As a leader in cloud consulting, Tradepage is here to help you get more out of the cloud. Join us for our quarterly cloud workshops in Johannesburg and Durban. Learn how the latest cloud developments can help your business reduce IT costs and become more productive.

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